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Steven Carbonaro, MD

I truly want to understand the complicated stories that have led us to one another. I create a calm and judgement-free environment where patients feel comfortable discussing any concerns they may have. I have an extensive background working with patients that have mental health and substance use issues, but there is no concern too big or too little that we can’t discuss. We will approach things at your own pace to help break free from the patterns of the past and, I will provide you with tools to help reinforce the strengths you already possess.

Dr. Carbonaro is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Columbia University and received his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His psychiatric residency training took place at Mount Sinai Beth Israel where he served as Chief Resident during his 4th year. He has experience working in addiction, outpatient, and emergency psychiatry, and incorporates his experience to provide a more comprehensive insight into his management of complex cases. Dr. Carbonaro focuses on management of co-morbid psychiatric disorders with substance use disorders, however he is accepting patients for management of general psychiatric issues or stand-alone Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). *Suboxone induction is available if deemed appropriate after a comprehensive evaluation.

Clinical Specialties:

Bipolar and related disorders; psychotic disorders; substance use disorders; medication assisted treatment for substance use disorders.

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"I have suffered from depression my whole life and
Dr. Carbonaro has changed my life.
I highly recommend him and the center."

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