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What Sets Us Apart

The Galynker Family Center for Bipolar Disorder is a unique partnership of psychiatrists and psychotherapists who are deeply committed to providing family-oriented mental health services in a therapeutic space that replaces silence and red tape with effective communication and hands-on care.

We are an innovative New York City-based center with a seasoned team of clinicians who have decades of combined experience treating complex patients often regarded as “treatment-resistant”.

Although many of our patients have bipolar disorder, our approach is highly effective for other diagnoses. We frequently treat patients with major depressive disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychosis and PTSD. Oftentimes, one or more of these diagnoses are present at the same time.


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Patient Stories

I truly believe the physicians and staff working at the Family Center for Bipolar Disorder have saved my son's life. I cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone or any other facility as my family and son have been in the mental health system for many years being treated by a wide range of “experts” all who have fallen short of providing adequate treatment.

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