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Rebecca Silver,
Life Coach

I believe that every individual is unique and deserves an equally unique solution. By creating an understanding and safe place I act as a guiding light for my clients, bridging the gap between where they are currently and where they wish to be. I am prepared to help clients visualize and activate next steps in life whether it is for professional or personal, career or education. My goal is not to tell clients what do , but through a strengths based approach encourage them to discover what makes them unique and to foster that gift. 


Through my own experience with a child with Bipolar Disorder and addiction, I noticed that parents are in need of support and guidance. I am passionate about being a resource for parents as they navigate this challenge, offering insights and tools that will help them be the strongest and most effective support for their child’s long-term recovery.

Rebecca is a certified Life Coach for the Galynker Family Center for Bipolar Disorder. 

Life coaching acts as an adjunct to therapeutic service in supporting the client in various ways. It takes a hands-on approach to clarifying goals, identifying obstacles and exploring different strategies that would assist in day-to-day living. 


The responsibilities of a life coach are to: 

- Assist during challenging times by teaching basic life skills and self-care techniques to help individuals function at their best 

- Encourage continued and sustainable progress.


Coaching sessions can take place in person and/or virtually for the duration of the treatment. All contact made is on an as needed basis. The first session consists of 60-minute strategy sessions, where we discuss creating a regular structure for change. Throughout your coaching program, the coach is available between sessions via email/text/call to review activities planned for the day and share the accomplishments or pitfalls. These daily updates help steer the weekly strategy sessions and give an indication as to what needs to be explored further. 


Please note that there are 2 different packages for coaching services: Basic and Comprehensive. 


Rebecca Silver is an excellent life coach. She is thoughtful and attentive. She always checks in via text and helps get the important things done. She also encouraged me and supported me in going back to school.

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