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Irina Kopeykina, MSEd

As a Mental Health Clinician, it is my core belief that therapy has the power to heal people from the inside out. Starting therapy is a very personal and oftentimes challenging decision, and I place a lot of emphasis on creating an authentic therapeutic relationship that is a source of connection and support for my patients. Having a space where we feel seen and understood soothes our emotional wounds, allows us to touch and understand our pain, and makes us brave enough to communicate our most deep-rooted needs – ones that we may not even be aware of. Of course, insight alone does not create change, so we will use it as fuel to help you accomplish your own unique and individual goals.

Irina is a Mental Health Counselor at the Galynker Center for Bipolar Disorder, and is the Clinical Research Manager at the Suicide Research Laboratory at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Irina holds a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College. She specializes in mood disorders, relational difficulties, addiction, and suicide assessment and prevention. Her clinical approach is relational in nature, placing a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and on the here-and-now of the therapeutic process. It is also integrative and pulls from a variety of therapeutic models depending on the needs of the patient. For many years, Irina has worked closely with Galynker Center Director Dr. Igor Galynker on research related to suicide risk assessment. She has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in the fields of bipolar disorder and suicide research, implemented and managed multi-cite studies in inpatient and outpatient settings, and trained and supervised staff at the Suicide Research Laboratory.

Clinical Specialties:

Bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, psychodynamic therapy, relational and occupational difficulties, “launching” for young adults.


After much research we found this center and have been working with Dr Nikiforov and Irina for years now. The dedication of these medical providers to their patients is unprecedented to anything we’ve ever experienced in the past. It is so hard to find good help these days especially when it comes to mental health. So many doctors don’t care and just prescribe medication haphazardly without giving it much thought. The team at the center are highly experienced to treat the very complicated disease of bipolar disorder, there’s simply nobody else I would trust at this point.

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