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Jerilyn Kronen, PhD

I was given the greatest gift of my life which is my aptitude, curiosity and passion for being a fully engaged psychologist. I have been in private practice for 35 year. I have had the privilege of working with 100s of patients from childhood throughout the lifecycle. It is gratifying to see positive change and emotional growth throughout these years. This incredible journey propels me forward to continue my life’s work.

Jerilyn Kronen, PhD is a New York Licensed psychologist (1982). She obtained her degree from Yeshiva University. Furthermore, she has PostDoctorate certification in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis from New York University. She has been an adjunct clinical supervisor for Pace and Yeshiva University. She has previously held a position as the Chairperson of the Bipolar Family Center for a number of years. Her clinical focus is on bipolar, anxiety and depression; narcissistic and borderline pathology. She focuses on individuals, family and marital problems.


We experienced nothing but the best from...Dr. Kronen and the center. They go beyond the call of duty and truly care about their patients.  They are so kind and caring. They always try to help out, whether just listening to changing and ordering medication - they are always available!They have great advice and provide good direction. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment here - they are top notch professionals.

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